Monday, March 26, 2012

Bet numb nuts still gets a second term....

People that have not lived in the Chicago area have no idea how hideously devious the Chicago politicians are. Of course, I don't understand the people living in the Chicago area that vote the scum in. They now have their forth governor in the big house on corruption charges.Main reason I lived in Indiana and put up with the drive to the south side. Drive sucked, but not as bad as living there. You think Obama is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until he is reelected. So many idiots out there that are willing to vote him in again. And then there are those who don't like Romney (who really does) and figure they will just not vote because that would be just as bad as voting for Obama. No, that IS voting for Obama. Not voting IS voting for Obama. If Obama gets in in 2012, you will see the gloves come off. No more elections to worry about, time for gun control. He can sign us up for the UN arms agreement and go after the second amendment that way. Look at his cabinet, mainly made up of his fellow Chicago scum. Not to mention he can appoint some more judges to lean the Judiciary completely on it's left side. With a little luck, Obama can try and remove his foot from his mouth and hopefully wind up with the other one in there while doing so.

Some of the kids down here that thought Obama wasn't so bad don't think so any more. They were amazed that Chicago outlawed guns. When I told them that, they didn't believe me. They had to google the laws . They were amazed that there was actually a place in America where you could not own or carry a gun. The FOID card was something else that they found unbelievable. You get away from the Chicago area, and the nation as a whole doesn't understand just how screwed up the area Big O came from actually is. Down here, people carry and think nothing of it. They hunt and there are shooting clubs all over. It is easy to take your second amendment rights for granted. All it takes is a couple bad politicians in the right places and right now, there are more than just a couple bad politicians lined up and waiting. I really hope people wake up and see Obama for the worthless two faced politician he is and get the word out, and VOTE him OUT.

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