Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally a weekend off

The gun show was very lame, but I still got to see and talk with a few buddies while there. Usually there is a lot more there and it is hard to leave empty handed, buy not so this time. I got home and managed to get the brakes straightened out on the vette. Then it was off to tear up some curvy country roads. It was a blast. She is running awesome. Think she will be taking me to work this week. I found a nice old Harley on Craigslist that has possibilities of joining my toy collection. Have to see if he still has it next weekend or not. It is old school with the stretched springer front end. Looks like lots of fun. My brother and his girlfriend should be by anytime now and it will be off for dinner. Wish they had more time, but are just stopping on their way back home from a trip down south. It will still be good to see them again. It will give Spike someone new to harass for a while as well.

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