Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lots of overtime

Still putting in the hours. No end in sight. Scheduled ten hour days for the foreseeable future with Saturdays as well. Should help pad the bank account. I was hoping on hitting the Indy gun show this weekend. Have to see how ambitious I am Sunday. Three more weeks and it's vacation time. Still deciding between the machine gun shoot or the NRA meeting in St Louis. May try to hit the NRA on Friday and still do the machine gun shoot on Sunday. I can always take a personal day on Monday to recover. Be nice to hit Cabela's while in St. Louis.

I have to send my M1A mount back. Leave it to me to get a bad one. I contacted them about it hitting the receiver at the sharp edge of the stripper clip guide. After sending them a picture, they told me to send it back. They had a bad batch go through that missed one machining step and I got one. Just have to find time to get to the post office to send it off. Nice part about the mount is it allows you touse the iron sights while the scope is still mounted.  Weather has been great. Need to get out to the range while the weather is so fine. May throw some guns in the truck so i can hit it right from work tomorrow.

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