Sunday, March 18, 2012

No gun show.

I didn't go to the gun show, or the club. I did get a lot of work done around the house though. Set the crock pot up for a corned beef and cabbage dinner, then did some yard clean up. I got rid of the old low voltage yard lights and replaced them with some new solar powered ones. The neighbor put some up last year and they work well. Lowes had them on sale cheap. They were only $50 per box of eight. I picked up two boxes. The lenses are actually glass and the trim steel instead of plastic. Think I will pick up another box tomorrow for the front yard. I turned over the flower garden strip by the back door and put in grass seed for now. I am hoping next year to turn it in to a concrete patio. Just need to figure out what I want first. The garden turns to weeds in the summer. I never take the time to keep it up. Always something better to do. Did some trimming in the yard and trying to get everything cleaned up and caught up. Want to pick up a decent gate to put up as well.Like to put up a wide double door. If I get a motorcycle, it will go out back. Need to have the utilities come out and mark for lines. I am going to put a drainage pipe in the ground while the ground is nice and soft. Want to connect the gutters to a drain and direct the water underground to the drainage ditch out back. Like to get that in and then get a quote for a patio. Trying to get some of the grunt work done before it gets too hot outside. Very nice day for outdoor work. I will make the next Indy gun show.

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  1. The last one I went to was before the knee thing when Og and MC and Mr. B and I went up to the one in Amish country. Another one this coming weekend, but I'm going to give the knee one more rest. Just being out Saturday left me pretty sore today.

    Hope to see you at one of the blog meets soon.