Friday, March 9, 2012

Got the mount on the M1A

I actually remembered to pick up something at work to knock the pin out on the stripper clip guide that is in the way of the mount. I hope to get to the range after work tomorrow to see how she does. Suppose to go in at 6 tomorrow  and the second shift guy is coming in an hour early. They really need someone with a few living brain cells to schedule their work load. Surely as high as the unemployment is there is a capable person looking for a job. The job I am working on is due Monday, and the parts we are suppose to fit still are not in the building yet. Hopefully we won't have to work Sunday as well to get it out. At least Sundays are double time. All week, the leadman has been sending items we are trying to fit out to the polisher while we are working on them. I suppose it would make too much sense to send the parts to polish either after we are done, or while we are working on a different component so we can exchange with polisher and both continue to work. Not their problem though as they will be relaxing at home while we try to get the parts out on time.

Hopefully the rain will miss us and I can get out Sunday for the spot shoot and to play at the club for a while. With the clocks going ahead, we gain another hour of daylight. Anxious to try out the M1A along with the shotgun. Play with the new .22 as well. Spring came early this year. The weather has been incredible.

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