Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spike is home

He likes the back yard. He also loves the house layout. He loves to run laps, and the house has a pretty nice loop through it. He raced through the kitchen, dining room, hallway living room, and back into the kitchen, over and over again. He is a cool dog. I hate having him boarded. They take great care of him, but I love having him around. He doesn't like me carrying him down the stairs to let him out back. I have three choices. Down stairs and out the basement. Out the front and walk around to the back. Or, through the nasty cat pee breezeway. I don't want him going in there until I disinfect it completely. I will cut the carpet up and dispose of tomorrow. Then, disinfect concrete. I am going to put tile down in there. I need to clean it very good first. Once done, I am going to install a gate off of the front yard blocking entry to breezeway, so I can remove a segment of the fence to let me access back yard directly from upstairs breezeway. It will give Spike easy access to yard from either level, and it will also help me when I have my bad knee days. I can then go down slope in yard as opposed to the stairs. This is going to be the high priority project, but it should be fairly easy. I have tiled before and have the tools. I will seal it before Spike has access. Should prevent any future urine smells, although I have been extremely fortunate with spike as he was extremely easy to potty train, and doesn't mess anywhere. But, that room may be a bit out of the ordinary. It looks and feels outdoors enough, he may mistake it for an OK area to mess in. I love my new house. Hardwood throughout upstairs. Woodburning fireplace. The dining room, kitchen and office have nice high views of the backyard. Both back and front yard have very mature trees in them. It is really pleasant. May break out the mower tomorrow and get the lawn done. A bit big for a push mower, but it is self propelled, so it should count for some of my exercise. Want to set up a burn pit as well. Lots of dropped branches laying about. Lowes has all their lawn stuff on clearance and I have a coupon for ten percent off, so, timing is perfect.

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