Thursday, August 24, 2017

Finally done

The storage lockers are now empty and closed out. I need to bring the Mustang home before the first of the month, but my buddy said he would pick it up and tow it early next week. Tomorrow is the Frog Follies, so that is where I will be all day. Suppose to be eighty degrees with no humidity. Should be a perfect day. I will start organizing the house better Saturday. Main rooms have been set up for a while now, but the office and basement are still in boxes and disassembled furniture. I bought some LED lights for down there to brighten it up quite a bit.

 I bought my mower. It will be delivered Saturday. I wanted the Husqvarna, but after doing research, I found that all the mowers at the big box stores are knock offs. Meaning, Husqvarna and John Deere make a subpar machine with their name on it to sell at a cheaper price. The mowers at Lowes had horrible reviews. The common problem was the transmission. My buddy bought his John Deere at the John Deere dealer. They have the 100 series, which is what they sell at the box stores. Salesman told him they have floor models on display, but won't sell them because they are junk. The reviews at Lowes said people took their machines in to dealers to get fixed, and were refused service. My yard is small enough where I was borderline on buying a rider anyway. It is only about .6 acre, so push mow isn't too bad. I bought a Troybilt Pony at Lowes. It is the lowest priced one, but it has a 7 speed manual transmission instead of the hydostatic transmission. All the knockoffs seem to have issues with the hydostatic transmissions. It would definitely be nicer, while it worked. Only wound up spending $900 on it with the coupon I had for ten percent off. Troybilt is also a whore, as it sells it's name as well. I almost bought the pony model at Rural King, a local farm store, but I noticed they used a different motor, and probably a different trans as well. The Lowes model uses Briggs and Stratton, the same model at Rural king had a motor that, after I researched the name, was a cheap Chinese motor. I would have bought a name brand one at a dealer, but the price jumps to about three grand. Not worth it to me. If I had acreage, I would do it in a heart beat. My lawn is just too small to make it worth while.

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