Saturday, August 26, 2017


Lowes dropped off my new mower this morning. It actually arrived a half hour earlier than their earliest estimate, freeing up most of my day. Forty two inch cut beats the heck out of the twenty of my self propelled mower. Started right up and ran smooth. Very happy with the handling and shifting. Can't beat it for being as cheap as it was. I have had good luck out of Troybilt, so I am hoping it lasts a long time. My self propelled is nine years old and still starts at the first pull. Got the edger out and knocked back all the weeds and overgrowth. The trees in back and front yard were severely in need of trimming. The fence had the weight of years of growth on them as well as power lines. Knocked everything back and weed whacked everything. Don't think anything but a pass with a lawnmower has been done to the yard in many years. It definitely looks a lot better.

I installed the closet doors in the main bedroom today. Still need to pull the trim on the bottom so door will close all the way. Have to find my pry bar. Tools are not organized yet. Going to be a while. Refrigerator has seen better days. Doesn't seem to be keeping up very well. Checked them out at Lowes while I was there. Picked one out that is actually quite inexpensive. Massive sale going on. I can't see spending thousands on a refrigerator for weird trinkets. I have a chest freezer, so I don't really need a massive drawer freezer. Will be nice having water and ice in the door again. Rest of appliances are fine. Nice to just stick around the house and work on stuff instead of moving things. I can actually see myself gaining.

I got my drivers license and gun permit in the mail today. That was quick. Especially for being government. Didn't go to Indy for the gun show. Figured I better try and get some stuff done.

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  1. Change your oil in the new mower after 7 or 10 hours. Use Synthetic after that at whatever interval they reccommend. .

    Makes 'em last forever. Oil is cheap.