Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ready for some time off.

This is ridiculous. Back to working  six day weeks. I normally don't mind overtime, I would love to have some extra time off to get everything in order. I did manage to get the smaller rental unit just about empty. Only three items left in it. Big items, but doable. I will have it emptied tomorrow and start on the big unit. I am going to empty it into the big storage shed out back. Lowes just cut the price on the mower I want, so I will be hitting them up tomorrow to pick one up. I have a ten percent off coupon, so that will help as well. Want to pick up the bagger unit for it as well as I have several huge trees that will soon be shedding their leaves. Next week is only a three day week for me. Friday starts the Frog Follies, which I never miss. I took Thursday off so I am guaranteed Saturday off. Figure I can finish off clearing the last storage shed out Thursday. I am looking forward to being completely done. I got my license changed over. Changed my gun permit and sent in my FFL change of address as well. Still have to call a few credit cards. Mail is actually coming regular now. I took this evening off. I have been working all day everyday and moving things out of storage at night. I worked this morning and decided I would just take the evening and relax a bit. Pretty much crashed on the couch for a few hours. Spike liked that. He took a nap along side me after I let him out in the yard for his romp.

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