Sunday, August 13, 2017

Making some progress

Picked up the new closet doors for the bedroom. Ripped up carpet in breezeway and treated with cat urine remover. I am going to be soaking the heck out of it. It is already better than it was. Tomorrow is heavy trash pick up day, so I had to rip the carpet out so I could get rid of it. Came up with a way to put a gate in so I can let Spike out from either level. Tomorrow I hope to install gate and mop up breezeway, and retreat. May try and get grass cut as well. Want one day to sit and do absolutely nothing. Hopefully one day next weekend. I do have lots to do, but I would love a day of nothing.

I had hoped to get the doors cut to the proper height, but we live in the millennial generation. The guy behind the desk said the saw would not be able to cut the length, but they could special order a door. A panel saw that can cut 4x8 panels of wood can't reach the end of a 6 foot door. OK. Guess he has better things to do. I will have to set up my table saw. I have it in the shed, just figured they could cut it to size and save me the bother. I even have a new blade installed on it. I do so hate the new generation. It is very difficult to get good help anymore. The kids they are hiring at work are about worthless. No work ethic anymore.

I figure if I hit the storage unit every day after work, I should be able to empty the one out before the end of the month, saving another months rent. Hope to get the Mustang hauled home Wednesday when my buddy works for the towing place. I need to cut down bush that is where I plan on parking the car for the time being.

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