Friday, August 4, 2017


Everything is scheduled. I close on the sale of my old house Monday morning and close on the one I am buying in the early afternoon. Movers are going to be here Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, I should be settled my new house, clean up a bit on the old house, and chill out. May take Wednesday as a breather before heading back to work. Sit in the backyard, have a few cold ones and grill some meat for me and the dog. I am so ready to get back to some type of a normal existence. I plan on getting quotes on pole barns and garages as well as see where the best location is for it. Want it built and settled into before winter time. I have several recommendations for builders. See what they have to offer. Tomorrow, off to a gun show and enjoy the spring like weather. Seventies in august. Freaking awesome.

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  1. Hey Rich;

    Congratulations on finally closing and moving into your new house.