Friday, November 27, 2015

Modern customer

Clerk: so what tires do you want
Me: I show ad with size and ask "do you have the white lettered"
Clerk: Yes, one side is blacked out, the other side is white outlined. Which do you want?
Me: thinking to myself, I asked for white letter, what do you think I want. What I say is " white letter out please"

After glancing over the paperwork and making sure they got the right tire and the right orientation, I catch the courtesy shuttle to my house. Five hours later, when they are due to close, I call to find out if I am going to get my truck back or not. They finally finish up and come get me. It is dark, raining and they are closing up. I am the last transaction. I pay, I go out and admire my nice blacked out tires. IDIOTS.............. It seems like any transaction I undertake anymore I get the idiots that just can't follow the simplest of instructions. It took them five hours to get the tires on the wrong way, I will not tempt fate and try and get them to correct the issue as I don't wish to be carless for another day. Still not as bad as sears. Took the Vette in there years ago and explained to the lead idiot that the tires and rims are directional and have arrows on them. Make sure they orientate them right. They only had one to do as it was a flat repair. Idiots got it on, backwards. Manager seemed put out and wanted me to explain how a round tire could possibly be on backwards. I showed the moron the arrow on the tire displaying rotation as well as the one on the rim. He got all apologetic and proceeded to have it fixed at a snails pace. I haven't used Sears since.

Got home and proceeded to fill out the rebate for a gift card. Don't lower the price on the tires, give a rebate you have to fill out. I go online and fill out info. Comes time to send copy of receipt. I go to scan it in. My wireless printer decided to pull its "offline" nonsense again. It has had a long bout of making me turn it on and off, reset it, resend info over and over. I fixed it. A six foot drop onto the concrete made me feel 100% better. A printer that you can buy brand new for about fifty bucks, and, it being the holiday season where you can get a new one almost free is not the time for cheap electronics to annoy their owners. I dug out one of my old scanners and scanned the document and sent it off. Sometime over the holiday, I will get a cheap replacement printer. It did feel quite stress relieving watching the plastic bits fly.:)


  1. Make 'em do it right, or give you a discount so you can take it elsewhere to have 'em flipped.

    If you go away mad and it ain't fixed, you lose and they win.

    1. Only problem is, I start work before they open, and don't get off until they are closed. Have to take care of these things when I am on vacation. So short handed at work, I pretty much live there. Just frustrating that businesses can't do a job properly the first time.