Monday, November 23, 2015

Hopefully, only two days left for the week

Won't count on it until I get out of there Wednesday. They have been known to ruin long weekends. Rain Saturday made the insurance checking out the roof out of the question. They are suppose to try again this Friday, when there is a 90% chance of rain. Maybe by spring they will have an answer. Ordered a smoked turkey through a friend at work. his dad does a heck of a job on pork butts and ribs.
The electrical gremlins are going nuts. My coffee maker died, so, off to the store where they had a great price on them. I hear a noise in the dash, my fan no longer shuts off on my truck. It kicks out hot and cold air, I can adjust the temp and somewhat reduce the fan, but, I can't shut it off. Have to look into it over the weekend. At least it isn't stuck in the off position. Would not be good without defroster this time of year. Not sure if it is the control, or, with the sound before it went, if the diverter door broke. Some kind of crunching noise in the center of dash seemingly behind radio right before failure. Always some kind of fiasco or other. Still have to find the time to get in for tires.

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