Friday, November 27, 2015

Gaining on list of things to do

Truck is in getting new tires. They have a nice courtesy service. They drop you off at home and pick you back up when your vehicle is done. Awesome. I go nowhere else for tires. They match competitors prices, so there is no need to go elsewhere.  Includes lifetime rotations as well. I also managed to get with the insurance on my roof. They are covering most of the cost of a new roof. I am covering deductible as well as some upgrades I chose to do. I am having them put a ridge vent in and getting rid of the old vent caps. Going to have them do the shed to match the house. Redo the gutters and down spouts and some trim work. Going to have them do some painting as well.  Still, saving a ton with insurance. Should have a roof within a couple weeks. Fifty year roof, so, I will be worm food long before a new one is needed again. Still have two days to relax and eat leftovers. Only three weeks left to work this year.

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