Friday, November 6, 2015

Two whole days off

I finally get two whole days off. Not sure what I will do, but I will find something. Thought they would change their mind at the last minute. Our resident FMLA abuser came back for four days after his two week plus hiatus, and is out again. Still like to know how one makes house payments and such doing that. Guess he got an open ticket from the doctor. He is allowed two random days a month indefinitely. Twenty four extra vacation days a year. Awesome. Suppose to be stress related. I should be able to qualify for that. Just have to figure the bill pay out :)

I did manage to get all the machines back on line. Two are bandaged together waiting on replacement parts, but they are running. Starting to do the PM's on the new machine. I am replacing the lexan in the doors as it seems to be the most important item in managements eyes. As long as the machines look nice, all is well. Running is secondary, safety a distant third. Glass is more for looks. I will  never make management. Like my frontal lobe where it is. Did get all the bugs worked out on machine and it does seem to be fully functional again.

I believe I will try and get to the eye doctor tomorrow after the barber. Have to try and get as much done on my full weekend as possible. Not sure when the next one will come up. May try and get the tires for the truck as well. Keep hoping on a sale, but want to get it done before winter. Believe it will be a productive, but restful day tomorrow. Want to chill out a bit, but need to get some things done.

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