Monday, November 16, 2015

Work, work and work some more

Ready for a bit of down time. Wish my FMLA abuser would come back to work for more than a day or two so I could get a nice forty hour week for a change. Don't like a steady diet of no OT, but a week or two of it would be fine about now. Getting a bit on the burned out side. Still need to get work hours in at the club. As much as I would hate to, I may just buy the hours out this year. When I work six days a week, I just don't feel like hanging targets on my one day off. It has been an insane year for hours at work. We keep losing people and they don't replace them. It's nuts. I am hoping on a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. They usually like to work the Saturday after a holiday just to screw up a long weekend.

Insurance is suppose to check the roof out this weekend. Hope I make out decent on it. Neighbor across the street got a new roof after paying her deductible. I could live with that. Not counting on it, but hoping really hard. Be nice to be on the receiving end for a change. Either way, probably doing a new roof soon.

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