Friday, December 4, 2015

New roof Monday

They are coming out Monday to reroof the house and shed. Added a ridge vent for a couple extra hundred. Should vent better as well as look cleaner by ridding myself of all the turtle vents. Have to hit the dentist up on Monday for some work. Been trying to get in forever, but no time off. Found a dentist with evening hours. I have a day time appointment to get acquainted, then get the evening ones lined out to catch up on some work.  Tried getting a personal day, but they are extremely busy and understaffed. I am the only one left who can program three of the CNC grinders, of which, we only have a total of five CNC grinders, so, I told them I will come in early and work a half day. Should be able to get them set up for the second shift guy to just run. Can't wait for vacation. Two more weeks. They are trying to push as much work through as they can while I am there. Be nice if they would follow through on their promise to hire some more help. We are booked solid for over a year out from what I understand. The plants don't like sending the molds out to any other shops to get rebuilt. They like our work, but there just aren't enough of us left to get it all done. Wish they would get smart and raise the pay and benefits. We lose help every time a major shop comes into town. Bad news is, the major factory that took a lot of our people last year is doing a major expansion. If I didn't have four weeks (soon to be five weeks in a few more years) vacation a year, I would think about going myself. I love what I do, and the machines that I run. Guess I just got comfortable here. If I can handle four more years, not only will I be up to five weeks vacation a year, I will hit the magical rule of eighty they have. When your age and years of service hit eighty, you get an additional one time allotment of four weeks vacation time to use anytime between when you earn it and you retire. Kind of hard to leave when you have twenty years under your belt.

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