Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lots done Saturday

Went out and got my eyes checked and new glasses ordered. Finally got my haircut, barber isn't open late enough during work week to hit. Missed out on tires. Was going to do that today. Woke up during the night sicker than a dog. Spent most of the day in bed. Feel better now. Don't know if it was something I ate, or a bug, but I definitely feel a lot better. Just sucks missing out of a whole day of nice weather off. Dog didn't mind laying in bed most of the day. As long as I got up and let him out a couple times and fed him. Keep hoping they will throw the tires I want on sale. I did get a someone to come out and look at the roof. Don't know if that qualifies as fun or not. He did tell me there is hail damage and I can probably get some money from insurance for part of the roof, so that would be a plus. Suppose to have the agent out this week to look at it. Neighbor across the street told me he made out good, so I figured I would get a quote. I put another roof on, it will outlast me. Back to work tomorrow. Bahh.

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