Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a fun the gun show

It was a fantastic day. Got to the show and met up with my brother and Og. Haven't seen them in a real long time.It was great seeing them again. Did some catching up and learned a lot. Og gave me some great pointers on AR's and helped me pick out my first lower for my first black gun. We looked around for a few hours. It was a small show, but still had a ton of things to look at. My brother found two Swedish mauser bayonets for sale. He couldn't decide which one to buy, so, he bought both of them. Then, being the generous person he is, gave his brother one of them. Thanks again bro. A buddy from work came with me to the show. He had a good time and acquired some parts for his AR.

                                            Here is a close up of the mounted bayonet .

Just have the stripped lower right now, but it is a start. Og said he will send me a link for a decent package deal on the uppers. It was suppose to be a plane lower,but looks like I got one of the ones with the little reaper dude. Teach me to look at product before leaving. It will shoot the same, so no biggie. First upper will be a 5.56. Unfortunately, there are a tonnnnnn of options, so it is going to take a while to figure out exactly how I want to set it up and what options I want. Didn't make the blog meet. Left for the show early and stayed late. Had to get home and let the dog out. All in all it was a most enjoyable day. Many thanks to my brother and Og. It was a great day.

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