Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Armory show weekend

Hump day already here and just about gone. Gun show at the armory this weekend. Hope to pick up some ammo for the M1A and check out what they have. One of the guys I talk to always sets up  a great display of WW2 memorabilia. He usually has some very interesting things for sale. Keep meaning to line up with him and join his gun club. They are set up for machine guns. He has a few machine guns he takes out there when they have their shoots.They have a machine gun shoot after Halloween to help eradicate all the pesky left over jack o lanterns.

Need to get the fence posts sunk this weekend too. It is still nice out and would like to finish project before it gets too hot out. Naturally, most of the utilities run right through the eight foot span I need to sink the posts.

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