Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend coming around

Payday tomorrow. Bonus day tomorrow. Lots of things going on this weekend.And, I am NOT on the weekend list. Should be a great weekend. Took the Vette in to work today. She is running good. Came home and started work on the gate repair in the back yard. Called 811 and they marked the back yard. I can see why the gate post was only sunk about six inches in the ground by the contractor. The utilities marked the eight foot span between my house and the neighbors fence. It will be interesting missing all the lines while putting posts down. They covered just about the whole area . I am going to try to put two four foot gates in as the ends of the eight foot run are the only areas that appear safe for digging. Just have to put a drop bar in the center. No idea how the contractor that built all the houses in the subdivision got away with half the shoddy things he did. They should have been able to sink the posts to the correct depth while the pit was there for the utilities. Seems like an inspector should have caught the improper install. Had to fix the fence when I first moved in. my little fifteen pound dog managed to push through the high quality construction job the contractor did. Going to dig the trench to bury some pipe to carry the water from the gutter underground away from the house. Looks like most of the back yard is free to dig in. May make back pond a little bigger next year and put a few koi in it.

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