Friday, June 30, 2017


Spike is home, and freshly bathed. He had a good time. I gagged all the way home as he stunk, bad. In other words, he had a good time for a dog. Made it home and immediately dunked him in the tub. He smells much better and I am very happy to have him home again.
Vacation started today after I finally got out of work. I need to get a little calking done and repair a couple small items before inspection. They will inspect house on Wednesday. Figure I would try and handle a few obvious issues before they are issues. I submitted my report to the house I am buying for them to do some repairs. I knew the furnace was bad when going into deal, and the inspector agreed. I figure I will throw a new furnace, AC unit and water heater at it right away and get it over with. Have him fixing the chimney, some plumbing issues and some clean up of debris. Listed a few other minor repairs. I am going to be happy when this nonsense is over. I am hoping on a clean inspection. The only real area I worry about is the crawl space. I am too fat to get down there, so the last time it was inspected was when I bought the house nine years ago. Not really expecting issues as I don't smell anything and I fixed the drainage so it drains away from house long ago, so hopefully all is dry and well.

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