Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's a done deal

Had the home inspection after work for the house I am buying. Making a list of repairs for them. I counter offered on the offer for my house, and, they accepted. Putting in writing tomorrow, and it should be a done deal. I get my house august first. Give up my current house august 9th. Gives me a week to get everything situated. I am anxious to get my dog back home. I boarded him for the week while showings were going on. Probably have a few odd boarding days to cover inspection and any repairs that need to be done. Hopefully all is well. Inspectors always seem to find something though. I start vacation next week. I will go back and talk to the builder about a firmer price on garage with accessories I want. Talk to banks and see which one will work out the best. I hope no snags develop. Kind of weird how smooth things are going. I am expecting something to pop up, but won't be disappointed if all goes well. I need a vacation bad. Hope to cook out a few days and just relax a bit. With the showings over, life can get a bit more back to normal.

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