Saturday, June 17, 2017

New home, and soon, a much bigger garage.

Finally found my new home. A little over half an acre. Nice neighborhood. Only a 1950s era one car garage, but, I have a quote for the soon to be three car garage that will be going up in the back yard. Six weeks of nightmare while I sell the current abode, but I move in august first. I can't wait. Don't have to paint or remodel, short of some electrical work. Being out of the 50s, it has a few rooms that lack ceiling lighting. I will be crawling through the attic putting in ceiling boxes and installing ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms. Short of that, I shouldn't have to do much. Walk out basement finished in knotty pine, with a bar and full kitchen, half bath, bedroom and family room. Kitchen has wall oven, which I like. Has a nice breezeway between garage and house with a ceiling fan. I am counting the days :)


  1. I have been looking for about a year. I have been waiting for kids to be out of school. Houses in my neighborhood turn over in less than a week during the summer. Perfect size for a young family starting out. Realtor told me the last house, a couple doors down, went for $1500 above list. Multiple people wanted it and started bidding up. I have gone to a few open houses on this particular house. I love the old stone houses. The basement is finished. Has an upstairs and downstairs kitchen and bath. Down stairs bedroom is big. It is going to be the gun room. The safes are going there as well as my reloading table and gear. It has a big yard barn, which may turn into my shop area. I am going to put up a three car garage to supplement the one car attached garage. All hardwood floors. Wood burning fire place. Knotty pine finished basement and dining room. Mature trees in the yard. Not in the middle of a subdivision, but close to shopping.