Monday, July 3, 2017


Clearing the garage out now. HUGE job. I got the lathe, one of the two heavy duty work benches out. A lot of stuff boxed and moved. Two of the shelving units gone. I hope to get most of the rest tomorrow. I may get one more unit to store the Mustang in until the new garage is built and ready.

I also did some calking I have been putting off for a while. I fixed an electrical outlet that hasn't been right since I moved in. I swear the electrician that wired this place was extremely weak wristed. I have fixed many switches and outlets since I have been here. Some have loose connections, loose being I can get two turns on the screw tightening it up. Some had loose connections, that turned into burnt connections through arcing. Thus, I have changes several switches and outlets since I moved here. I was trying to fix the lights outside the garage. Dummy me. I forgot they have a sensor and only come on at night. They lit up at dusk. Problem solved :) The home inspection is Wednesday and I am hoping on a good report. Only thing I am not sure about is the crawl space. Don't think there is a problem, but it is a blind area that can have issues. I am going to be happy to get this move over with. I absolutely hate moving.

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