Sunday, December 18, 2016

Spikes checkup

Headed to the vet this morning to drop Spike off for his checkup and vaccinations. It is around all the shopping centers. Time to kill, I go to Best Buy and a few other stores. Exactly one week before Christmas, I am expecting a crowd. Lines everywhere. Nope. Yesterday was 67 degrees out. Today, below freezing, a few snow flakes here and there, and, some ice. This seems to be enough to get most people to stay home and indoors. Works for me. I sailed through the line at a couple stores I hit, picked up Spike and headed home. Nice big vat of chili cooking on the stove. Make some cornbread in a few hours and chill out for a bit. I just wanted something for the new grandkid to tear open, everyone else gets gift cards, so I am pretty much done shopping. Can't wait to see the little rugrat again. He is looking much bigger already.

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