Friday, December 30, 2016


Went to see the new star wars movie, in 3D. Usually the only movies I go to the theater for are sci-fi 3D movies. Movie was pretty good. No Ja Ja Binks type nonsense. The cool part was, they totally redid the theater. Prices were the same. I went to matinee since I was off and got in for $6 which isn't bad for the 3D deal on a new release. They had free popcorn as well. I go in and it is amazing. The new seats are electric leather like recliners. Dual personal cup holders. They retract to the point you are lying down. Separate head rest control. Lots of room, including leg room as aisle was made wider as well. Made it through movie without going to sleep, so that was good as well.

Christmas was fun. Went up and saw family and friends. Truck decided to eat some stuff on the way up, so that was some fun I didn't count on. Got a tow a quarter of the way up to my brothers place. Og and my brother gave a big hand and after a new battery and alternator, all was well again. Ate up most of a day I had planned on roaming the local gunstores with my brother and Og, but, we managed to get a couple in on Christmas eve. Have to get up there a day or two earlier next year. Big thanks again to my brother and Og for all the help, especially on a holiday. The alternator must have cooked the headlights as they were very dim after the repairs were made. I changed them out when I got home.

Got to see my grandbaby for his first Christmas. Totally awesome. He was having more fun with the boxes and wrapping paper than the presents, but he was happy and that is what counts. Growing like a weed. My son bought a new to him truck. Nice. They are doing great and are fantastic parents. I wish it was half as easy to photograph and video kids when mine was growing up. With modern digital photography and facebook, it is sooo convenient and easy. I get to see the grandkid grow as well as they frequently post updated videos and pictures. Not the same as being there, but still good.     

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