Sunday, December 11, 2016

Long week ahead

Last week before a two week vacation. It is going to be a long, slow week. May have to make Friday a half a day. Still have a half personal day hanging out there. Thursday is a Christmas luncheon which breaks up the week a bit.
So far, no snow :) I couldn't be happier on that front. Overcast and a bit damp, but no ugly white stuff. Hopefully be another couple weeks before I have to deal with that stuff. Shovel is out on the deck just in case. We usually only have to contend with a couple real snow storms a year. Usually melts off in a day or two.  Best perk about moving down here. Grew up in northwest Indiana, where you got the evil lake effect snow. Usually starts early winter and stays through early spring. Don't miss that at all. No snow blower, only shovel a couple times a year. Still a couple times too many. Figure after retirement, I can move to the south side of the Ohio river. Keep going until I hit the zero number of snow storms :)
Next weekend is the last local gun show for this year. Great way to start vacation. Mid vacation, go up and visit my brother, my son and his girl, my new grandson (first Christmas), and hopefully visit with the Og clan. Hoping on a snow free Christmas, but don't really expect one. Doesn't make the long boring drive very pleasant.

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  1. when you go see yer brother, have him call me and I'll try to stop in and see you.