Friday, December 16, 2016

Finally, vacation time

We are officially done working for the year :)  Got off work and headed to the gun show. Precision ammo reloaders had a booth set up. They are located in Hobart Indiana, near my old homestead, now the other end of the state. I couldn't resist restocking some supplies. Picked up some 9mm and some 45acp. I was just about out of 45 and running low on the 9mm. With the new 9mm AR, I wanted to get stocked up. May hit it up again tomorrow and pick up another 1000 rounds. Want to pop over to one of the local gun shops as well this weekend. Buddy at work told me they have a .22 Garand for sale. Not an old trainer, but a new manufactured rifle that looks just like a garrand, but is a .22 cal. I have to check it out. I found it online, and it looks pretty cool. It feels good to have some down time. I am ready for a bit of rest and recreation.

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