Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another three day weekend

I can get use to them really quick. Last week was Frog follies, which was awesome. This weekend, gun show, fair, and messing around in the garage. I hit the gun show this morning. New vendor showed up. He said he usually hits up the Crown Point show, but due to a booking error, wound up down here for the first time. He has a very nice selection of AR products at a reasonable price. May go back tomorrow. He had a special going on a 9mm AR at a decent price. Came home and checked around online and couldn't even come close to his price.
Weather is down right gorgeous. May hit the fair tomorrow for a bit. Good walk around weather for some outdoor activities. If I pick up the AR, I will head over to the club to break it in. May head out there anyway. Haven't been there in quite some time. Working way too much. My FMLA abuser made a brief appearance. Managed to work a whole four days. Amazing how as soon as a new month rolls up, he gets sick and takes his two FMLA days he is allotted per month, right off the bat. He should be good until October now, once he comes back again.

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