Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's bad when the high point of your day is when you are in the dentist chair

Tomorrow is finally Frog Follies, thank God. Each week has been worse than the previous week. One machine lost a Fanuc drive. Took most of the day going back and forth with support to verify which card was triggering the alarm and get one on the way. Lost a power supply on another machine. Get the OD grinders programmed for the second shift operator, get ready to leave, display goes gray on one of the two OD grinders. I had already looked up a new display as it has been getting dim lately, sign it is on it's last leg. Log back in to my e-mail and get one of them ordered. Fortunately, the display popped back on before I left. I told the second shift guy if it goes out again, call me, I have caller ID and won't pick up, see ya Monday, I am out of here :) The best part of today was after work, getting a tooth ground down for a crown. I am ready for a vacation.

I am so looking forward to morning. Friday at the Frog Follies is great. Most people are at work and the place is not crowded. Usually do my heavy shopping on Friday. If it rains one of the days, I will head to the Indy gun show.

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