Sunday, September 4, 2016

I weakened

Have not bought a gun in a long time. Still didn't buy a full gun, just most of one. Picked up an upper in 9mm for an AR. Also picked up a magazine adapter and a couple of 9mm magazines, and a bolt carrier for it. I want to reverse engineer the adapter and make one from scratch, just because. May try and make a 9mm specific one piece lower, again, for the heck of it. I am back to machining my lower again. I swear if I get away from something, it takes forever to get back to it. I started milling the magazine well. I got as far as I can on the mag well until I get a 3/8 extra long end mill. I had one, but being the pig that I am, I can not find it. Tomorrow I will start on the trigger pocket so as to get something done on it. If I can get the trigger pocket done, I can see if work will loan me an extra long endmill for a day to get the other pocket done. Still need to threadmill the buffer tube threads.

 Here is the upper assembly. Have to find a set of sites for it. I have a set around here somewhere.

This is the magazine adapter along with one of the magazines I picked up for it.
I drilled some 1/8 inch through holes where the corner of the magazine pocket will be to make the finish radii in the corners. I drilled holes in the magazine to get rid of some of the material to make milling a bit easier. Here I am starting to mill the pocket out.

Here is the pocket roughed out. I need an extra long 3/8 end mill to finish the rest of the pocket. I left .005 per side stock to allow a finish pass. It was about dinner time, so, I went to the store and picked up a nice porterhouse for dinner. Kind of hard to get back at it after steak, potatoes and corn on the cob. Me and the dog relaxing a bit. Watch a bit of Roku, and hit it again tomorrow.  Hope to finish the trigger pocket tomorrow. I think I made the guys day at the show. Holiday weekend with great weather does not make for a heavy crowd at a gun show. None of the vendors were making out well.

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