Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to work, bah humbug

I ordered the end mill to finish the magazine well. Hopefully be here by the weekend. Had an idea for a fixture for the lathe to hold the lower for boring and threading the buffer hole. Got it machined this evening. Need to pick up a few socket head cap screws tomorrow to try it out for rigidity. Wish I had thought of it before hollowing out the pockets, but, I made a couple of side plates for the fixture which should steady it up quite a bit. I will find out tomorrow. Be nice to finish it this weekend. Like to try it out and see how it works. I have a couple more blank forgings. I am going to try and make another one with no flaws. I have a block of clear poly carbonite that I want to make a see through model of for display. Think it would look cool and be able to see the inner workings. One step at a time. Hopefully get the weekend off again. Not holding my breath on it though.

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