Monday, September 5, 2016

It is a lot lighter now

Got the trigger area cleared out. She is a lot lighter now. Just have to thread mill the buffer tube threads in it, and finish mill the magazine well. Need to get a extra long end mill to finish the mag area. It does fit nicely though. I have a couple minor blemishes in it, but it is functional. Not bad for the first one.


I started off by finishing the mag release slot on the top of part.

It is easier to mill pocket if you drill holes to remove most of the material. These holes go about .010 shy of hitting bottom of trigger pocket. Want to be able to cleanly mill the bottom with no imperfections.

  The last three holes are smaller, and shallower. Same idea though. Want to remove material and it gives you a visual for where the end of the pocket is so you don't run past it when milling.

Here is the trigger portion of the pocket milled out. It is still rough in this photo. Forgot to shoot one when I had this portion finished, and before moving on to next portion of pocket.
Here, pockets are done. I didn't take a picture of the small trigger opening being milled out, but, there really isn't much to it. It is done, just no picture.
 It is a nice tight fit. No slop, very little daylight at all. Don't want to install trigger assembly until I have the buffer area threaded and the magazine well finish milled. Even then, I want to blue it before final assembly. May make a slightly undersized pin to temporarily hold magazine release lever so I can dry fit everything. That roll pin is a real SOB to get in and out. I made a small block for use as a guide to hold pin when hitting it in, if I can find it. It is just a hole in some keystock, so nothing fancy, but it works. Don't want to scratch up the finish when I finish assemble it.

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