Friday, October 9, 2015

machine gun shoot day

Eight years of going to the shoot, sometimes to both the spring and fall shoots. I finally got to park topside for the first time ever. It is awesome. Shop, buy, drop off at truck and go back for more. Last shoot, I was the first car they diverted to the back lot, which is a heck of a walk or bus ride to the shoot area. Weather was a bit damp, but not too bad. It rained hard for several minutes. A few times, it sprinkled extremely lightly. All in all, quite doable. I picked up some AR stuff. Found a couple guns I was interested in. I even brought money. What did I forget. My FFL license. I keep copies in my glove box so I always have them handy. What I did forget was that my license expired October first. I renewed, but, I didn't have updated copies in the truck, just expired ones. Grrrrr. Pop back by the bank tomorrow and drop some money back into the account.

Start the day off with gunpowder in the air, finish it up with the smells of a steam show. Hit it on the way home. Saw what was open of the flea market. Not completely setup yet. Some of the engines were running. Saw mill won't start until tomorrow. I did pick up some BBQ for dinner though. Probably hit it again tomorrow when everything is up and running. It was on the way home and only three bucks to get in, so it was worth a stop.

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