Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It is fall, right?

I would swear it is Spring, and a rough one at that, going by lawn equipment. I go to fire up the edger. It usually fires up on the first pull. I end up pulling the carb and cleaning it after not being able to get it to start, even bringing starting fluid into the mix. Get my edging done. Pull out the weed eater. Guess what, no start here either. Pull carb and clean it up. She fires on second pull and runs good. Knock out half the yard, and, the coupler at the end of the shaft that houses two worm gears, strips out. Hosed. I put it away and pull out the lawn mower. She always starts first pull even after storage through winter. She actually fired up as per usual and I finished up most of the yard. All but the weed whacking. That was yesterday. Today, I pulled out the lower end of my old (20 year old) Ryobi weed whacker and pop it on my troy-bilt  weed whacker. The old head for the Ryobi died a few years back, but I kept the attachments. Wish I had just bought another Ryobi. Did have to hit up Menards for a new real for it as the old one was trashed. I quit using the lower last year because I couldn't find a reel. They are easy to reload line onto and last almost forever, but they do wear out. Fired up the whacker and knocked out last of trimming. Shouldn't be too many more mowings left in the year. Lawn gremlins must have attacked with a vengeance. My spring usually goes smoother than this mowing cycle.

Haven't heard back from the better business bureau on Time Warner yet. They said it could take until mid month. Today I filed a complaint with the consumer department of the attorney generals office. Want to see them change their practices more than giving me back a few bucks. Fined heavily would be nice as well.  I turned in the collection agency they deal with as well. There has to be, or should be a minimum waiting period before turning someone in for nonpayment. I would think it would extend past a couple weeks time. Sure hope they enjoy their sixty bucks.

Tomorrow, start painting the fence. Last work day around the house. I will start fun the following day. Thursday is the auction. Machine gun shoot starts Friday. Steam show starts Friday as well. Not sure of the order I will hit them in yet, but there is lots to do. Including  a huge festival downtown with lots of food.

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