Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gun shows not so big anymore

Hit one last weekend and another today. They both had a lot of empty tables and empty space. Still lots of people, just less on display. Looking forward to the machine gun shoot next weekend. Take my money with that I saved at the last several gun shows. Only a few weeks out from the Indy 1500 again as well. Lucked out and lined my vacation up with the fall festival downtown. It's like taste of Chicago, only in Evansville. They line up a few blocks of downtown with food booths from all sorts of restaurants and organizations. You can definitely find something you like. It runs all day, everyday all week long. They have a decent carnival ride area for the kiddies of all ages. Usually have some decent live entertainment as well. Suppose to be a good week weatherwise. Probably hit the club tomorrow and get some of my work hours in. Not too much time left in the year.

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