Thursday, October 8, 2015

Better,not perfect, but better

Time Warner got my complaint and is refunding my money. They said they never turned it into the credit agencies. They just have a standard way of shutting down accounts. They send it through their collection service, which has a third party name and the letter states that you have been placed in collection. So, I made out better than I thought I would. I get my money back and my credit is clear. Maybe when the Attorney Generals office gets done with the complaint I filed through them, they may see the error of their practices, but it is doubtful. They still think it is alright to scare people into paying an extra fee by threatening them with collection. How a big company like that can behave in such a way is beyond me. I will never do business with them again.

I am enjoying the new service I have through WOW. I just use internet, no cable. I picked up Netflix for entertainment and sling tv for the few channels I do watch. It gives me History, AMC and I picked up the EPIX channels as well. My cable is faster and only twenty five bucks a month for two years. Huge savings and a better selection than before as I only watched a few stations on cable anyhow.

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