Saturday, November 22, 2014

This is more like it

It's back in the sixties, and sunny (today anyway). Suppose to rain more tomorrow. Just a sprinkle this morning. Got out and enjoyed the weather. Work is extremely busy. I lucked out and am one of only a few that isn't working all seven days at ten hours per. I run the CNC grinders, and, this time around, it is the manual grinding side that got slammed. Hope my luck holds for next weekend. A four day weekend sounds great. I make it through Thanksgiving, I only have three weeks left to work this year.
Managed to get all my chores done yesterday and really early this morning. This evening was reorganizing the gun safes. Put hangers on the door of the safe inside the house, and some hangers on the shelf for more. All handguns now reside indoors, and organized. Want to do a full inventory with pictures for insurance reasons. Didn't realize I had acquired so many, Pelosi and Bloomy would wet themselves. Two more weeks and there is a gun auction, so, may be expanding a bit more. They have a few broomhandles and some lugers that look pretty interesting. One of the broomies has the wood stock with it. No machine guns yet, but there is still time. Tomorrow, may hit the club and help with the shoot. May be a bit wet out, but I shouldn't melt.

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