Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hopefully, one more day.

The weekend list is out, and, so far, I am not on it. YES. Hopefully a nice four day weekend. Now, if I can only get through that one day. Ten and twelve hour days don't bother me too bad. Getting up at four in the morning does though. Not a morning person. Third shift guy should be back from vacation next week, so, hopefully I will be staying over two hours instead of coming in early. Only one week left in the year where I might not work overtime. Someone in our group is on vacation the rest of the time. Me, the last two weeks of the year : )

They have a small, but pretty cool, military show at the armory this weekend. They have one twice a year. They usually have a deuce and a half or two, along with a jeep with mounted machine gun displayed. It is like a gun show, military show and museum rolled into one. A few regulars I deal with out there. Probably acquire some more garand food while there, usually in bandoliers. Have my doctor appointment  Friday morning, so I will hit it on my way back home. Next weekend is the gun auction. I am really hoping on coming home with a broomhandle complete with original wood stock and accessories. There are a couple lugers that are looking for a home for the holiday season as well. Fine way to spend a weekend. Silent auctions are always fun too. For some silly reason, they have some BB guns and air rifles mixed in with the real guns. Fortunately, the ones I want are up before they get into the toys. Hope to have pictures afterwards.

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