Friday, November 28, 2014


Went in and got my blood draw done for insurance through work. I was lucky enough to get a nurse who was skilled and nailed the vein on the first try and filled the viles in seconds. That is the way I like it. Almost tipped her on the way out. Last years draw, I felt like a pincushion. And when she did find a vein, it took a while to fill it, and she had to restab me for the second one.

On the way home, I passed menards. Not on purpose, just the way I went home. It was totally insane. The HUGE parking lot was full, the grass areas around the parking lot were full. The road way heading in was lined with parked cars on both sides. There is absolutely nothing they could possibly have that would make me even give a thought to pulling into a mess like that. What is wrong with these lunatics. I would rather pay full price for the product, or buy it online at my leisure.

I remember giving my mom a hard time every thanksgiving. My mother, my aunt, and Og's mom would all get together and go up to the mall of America on black Friday. They would get a hotel and make a weekend of it. They said it was fun. I do believe I would rather have a root canal myself, but, they always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my mother passed away at Thanksgiving several years back. Not sure if my aunt and Og's mom still make the trip up to the mall or not. The little family I have left I usually just get gift cards for. It's easier than trying to figure out what they may want. Most of us older people have come to an agreement to just wish each other a Merry Christmas instead of handing each other  a gift card. The little ones are all grown, so Christmas isn't quite as much fun as it was watching all the little children excitedly ripping open their packages. The kids are getting to be the age where they will be having children, so it won't be too long and little ones will rule the day again.

I hit the military show, sort of. Being off yesterday, I was thinking it was Saturday, which the show opens at 8. Being Friday, it opens at noon. I was three hours early. Figure I will hit it tomorrow. I am thawing the turkey and will be cooking it soon. Have a nice relaxing day, eat too much, and then nap a bit. Tomorrow, the military show.

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