Monday, November 3, 2014

One more day, I hope....

Tomorrow is the big day, I hope. Hopefully the republicans can take the senate. Obama's crew are already coming up with their reasons. Most of the seats up on the block are in red states don't you know, according to the white house cronies. It has nothing to do with Obama and his party's total ineptitude. Not that the republicans are a lot better, just a bit. Be nice to see some bills actually going through, and Obama being the sole obstructionist. The republicans still won't hold the amount of seats as to pass bills over his veto, but it will definitely show the dems for what they are, I hope anyway. One more day. Be interesting to watch. Hopefully I have a picture of Reid to put next to my picture of Feinstein when she lost her speaker role and pulled down her sign. I can almost see Obama moping now. Again, I sincerely hope.

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