Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rain galore, but no snow fortunately.

Dog didn't really appreciate the wetness. I swear he thinks I can turn it off, Turns around and stares at me and then back out at the yard. Didn't hit the club. I figure if there are people wanting to shoot targets in this weather, they can go hang the targets.
 I made a nice meat loaf for dinner along with some oven baked homemade mac and cheese. Not as good as my mom use to make, but still pretty good. Enough for a few more meals during the week. Not really ready to go in for another fun filled work week, but at least, hopefully, it will only be three days. Could easily turn into working all seven, but hopefully not. Four day weekend sounds awesome.
Probably go shooting on thanksgiving. I have to go in for a blood draw for insurance on Friday, so I figure I will eat light and do my dinner Friday night. It's one of those twelve hour fasting deals, but I don't know if a heavy meal the day before effects it or not. Every year the results come back a little worse than the year before. Tried doing away with soda and cutting down on fatty foods for one year. The following years results were slightly worse than before, so, I figure may as well eat and enjoy life since it doesn't appear diet really has that big of a bearing on the results. I still get a partial discount for doing the blood draw though.

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