Tuesday, May 6, 2014

With a lot of luck, maybe it will help nail the benghazi bitches coffin shut


But I doubt it. She is shooting her mouth off about guns. I really, really, really hope she keeps it up. I do believe the vast majority of people (not just the select people the liberal media weed out to interview) have had quite enough of the anti gunners. May it be the death of her political career. Otherwise, I foresee another Clinton gun ban coming. Wonder if clueless is aware the texting in a theater shooting was done by an ex law enforcement officer. Usually the democrats like to exclude law enforcement from their gun grabbing tactics. Not too sure about whether guns were allowed in that particular theater either. So, what short of grabbing all the evil guns could she possibly have in mind.
To me, sex and race have no bearing at all on who I vote for. That being said, I hope if she runs, the republicans have a worthy female to throw into the ring. If she runs, there will be a lot of people voting for her simply to have the first female in the white house. Electing an official on that basis is just as stupid as the idiots that put Obama in because he was black, or half black anyway. The only thing worse than having Obama for eight years, having Hillary for another eight.

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