Saturday, May 3, 2014

Not so much fun after all....

Planned on playing around in the garage all day. That last surviving brain cell I have remembered last night that they have a sale on gravel at Home Depot. Seeing how today was the last day for their weekly sales, I had to get over there today. Truck comes in handy. Pulled into the garden area and had them load a pallet full on the back. Wish I had a fork truck on my end to unload it, but, got about half of it unloaded and placed, as well as the lawn mowed and trimmed. Still have a half skid on back. Going to remove a section of the fence in back yard so I can back the truck up to the last section of backyard I have to do. Next weekend, I will try and do the front. Trying to get it done while we have the cooler spring weather. Don't want to be doing it in the summer heat. Looks great where I have it down. Tired of doing mulch. Keep having to replace it. Gravel is more work, but should last.

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