Saturday, May 24, 2014

Busy day

After making myself (and Spike of course), some breakfast, I got  busy on some projects. I totally emptied and reorganized the shed. Everything is now accessible and organized. The wheels on the lawnmower were really wobbly. Upon disassembling, I found they used plastic bushings instead of bearings. One plastic bushing came out in two pieces, the other side was really sloppy. I was going to turn up bushings to go in, but, I checked ace hardware miscellaneous bearings. I found a bearing with a flange that was the exact size I needed. $4.40 each. So, for under eighteen dollars, the mower is rolling better than new. Less than the price of one of the cheapie all plastic one size fits none replacement wheels available at Ace. And, with greased steel bearings, they should outlast the motor.

After that, I played in the garage the rest of the day. I finally got the digital readout installed on the z-axis on my mill. Tomorrow, I will route the wires out of the way and trim out the readouts. May have time in the evening to make the clamp plates for machining the AR lower. I have the material, just trying to get everything organized first. May check out ceiling  fans as well. The one in my room is acting up, and I want to put one in over the kitchen table. Have easy walk up access to the attic so installing a new box for the fan will be a piece of cake. Absolutely perfect weather out there. Suppose to keep up too.

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