Monday, May 26, 2014

crash and burn day

Absolutely no ambition at all today. I shamefully napped most of the day away. I hate doing that with so much to do, but I feel a whole lot better. Did manage to cook up part of a pork butt, which made for a nice dinner, other than that, not much of anything.

Back to work tomorrow. I managed to resurrect the CNC grinder that died six months ago. Got her going end of the day Friday. They planned on junking it, but, after dealing without it for a few months and seeing how much it does, I got the ok to fix it. More importantly, they ok'ed  the funds to fix it. They seem to think you can get rid of a machine that you use all the time, and not worry about replacing it. I swear they require a full frontal lobotomy to qualify for upper management around here. That, or they just look for the Obama stickers on their cars. It should take a huge load off of the manual side of the shop and increase output back to normal again. We have a huge backlog of work waiting on it. Have a feeling there will be some serious overtime in the future catching up on jobs.

Suppose to have parts for the other CNC OD grinder next week. That one should have been taken out and made into an artificial reef somewhere. It has been waiting on parts for a few months. Months. I told management they are probably digging through the local dump looking for where they buried the parts for them when they discontinued them back in the 70's. Ancient inefficient slow and very limited machine. I can grind the components twice as fast in my machine, thus, get rid of it.They are stripping it, repainting it, and repairing it. It is getting new ball screws and nuts for the second time since I have been down here. They also have to repair the ways which they tore all to hell. They replaced most of the controller earlier this year. A normal outfit would have sent it to the yard. I sometimes wonder if management owns stock in a competing company. It is the only reasoning I can come up with for some of the blatant stupidity and lack of common sense. Ahh, Monday, Wahhhhhh.

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