Friday, August 9, 2013

Three in a row, YES

This is my third two day weekend in a row. Awesome. I can get use to this. Been on nine hours for two weeks. Seems like I am working part time. The weather is holding great. Tomorrow is a big flea market at the 4H, then, off to check out  a new gun store in town. Have a coupon for ten percent off one item. May have to see if they have a gun I just can't live without. Two weeks until the Frog Follies. I am hopeful the weather stays as pleasant as it is now.

September is around the corner, as is the Friendship Indiana muzzleloader show. Planning on taking vacation and hitting it for a few days. Can't believe how fast the year is motoring by. Every year seems faster than the last. It will be time for the fall machine gun shoot shortly after the muzzle loader show.

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