Monday, August 26, 2013

The price of a three day weekend

The weekend was perfect. Friday off as an extra day at the car show, and a beautiful weekend. Then, there was Monday, wahhhhh.  I take one extra day off and the world ends. I get in this morning to one of my machines broke down and some chowder head had a pry bar and two by four over there where he had been trying to "fix it". Sheesh. I am use to the nonsense when I am gone a week, but a day????? One disaster after another today, but, hopefully a three day weekend ahead. Not a good start for the week, but, hopefully it will improve a bit. I did manage to get the machine functioning again. Can you believe it didn't involve a big pry bar and a two by four? It is much easier to fix if they would learn to just leave it until I return. At least then I just have to fix what broke and not what they did as well.

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