Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indy day today

Got up bright and early and headed north. Gunshow and see my brother and Og. It was a terrific day. I got there fairly early and covered the show quite thoroughly. Managed to get out of there without buying anything that goes bang:(  I saw a couple I was tempted by, but, I bought my steering column for the Mustang yesterday, so, I stayed in my budget and didn't give into temptation. I did buy a few tools though. A couple of the kids at work who are still in their apprenticeship and low on funds are still buying their tools. I ran into a booth that had name brand depth mics at give away prices. Picked them up and will pass them along for what I paid for them. All except for the nice little small based Starrette, which will keep my large base mic company. I did manage to acquire a box of ammo for my M1 carbine and picked up another mag for the AR. I am quite anxious to take it out for a little exercise. After going through the show once, my brother and Og showed up. I put the stuff in the car, and, hit the show again.

 After ogling the guns and accessories, we headed to Broad Ripple for some munchies and conversation. My brother is in the process of moving into a nice house out in the country and brought me some pictures to check out. It's a really nice spread. Has several acres backing up on farmland. May have to hang out on the deck during deer season :)  The place looks great. I haven't made a blog meet in some time. It was a lot of fun. It ended too soon, but it's a long drive home.

Og informed me my brake lights were on the entire ride over as he was following me from the show. Ford changed a brake switch out once while it was under warranty and apparently, the replacement is a little out of whack. My brother is thin and dexterous enough, he kindly got down under the dash and was able to rig it enough where I could get home. Tomorrow, after work, I will have to try and stuff my fat a$$ down there and adjust it. It fixed the speed control as well. Speed control hasn't worked in some time, so, that tells me I have been driving around with my brake lights stuck for a really long time. With the lights coming on, the switch was keeping the speed control from coming on. Sure liked having the speed control for the long voyage home. Lots of speed traps down 41, and it's a lot easier setting the speed and keeping out of trouble. Many thanks to Og and my brother.

Got home to a dog who was spinning at the back door and ready to go out. After a little out time and some kibble with scraps of turkey on top, and a dab of vanilla ice cream on the side, he was ready for his evening nap. It was a fantastic weekend and I don't want to go back to work, but, all good things must end I suppose. Holiday weekend coming up. YES.....


  1. I'm so glad you could make it, it's been too long!

  2. It was nice seeing you again. I have to try and make more of the blog meets. Indy has some nice little eateries.

  3. I'm tickled that helped your cruise control. Did you ever fix the brakes more permanently, or still using the piece of self adhesive magnet?

  4. Permanent fix will be this weekend. I actually get three whole days. Yessss